X Marks the Shot

Lei Chic 5:53 p.m. You are supposed to be having drinks with the girls. Instead, the only thing on the rocks is your relationship with your work friend who is STILL w-ale-ing over the latest saga in her loves-me-loves-me-not battle with her jerk of a boyfriend.

The clock is ticking and your dream of cheering up with a half-price martini at your favorite spot is rumming out of time. Yet again, it seems the cosmos are against you.

Shake your bad luck with Happy Hour Hawaii. The new website allows you to search through an ever-growing list of more than 60 bars’ and restaurants’ pau hana deals that fit your bill.

Fishing for some sushi? Sort places by the type of food. Don’t want to be driven to drink? Type in your address to find a happy hour within walking distance. Register for free and the site will even e-mail alert you if your go-to places make any changes.

Each bar manages its own detailed menu of deals so you know it’s up-to-date. The mobile version, android app, or soon to come iPhone app means it’s easy to search on the run.

So, next time you get stuck listening to sob story, at least you can cry into your own half-price beer.

Now that’s how to get back into the spirit of things.

Click here to take a look at Happy Hour Hawaii's website.