Wrap Artist

You always have been an independent woman.

The dress you’re wearing? You made it.
The five-star meals you like? You cook them.
And the ring you’re rocking? You depend on you for that too.

That is, thanks to the following instructions courtesy of DIY jewelry expert and local designer Lauryn Chun, who showed us how to create a gorgeous wire-wrapped ring.

Along with sweet 14K gold and sterling silver heart necklaces and bracelets, Chun’s own Wishing Bridge line includes a covetable selection of intricate wire-wrapped rings topped with gemstones, crystals, beads and freshwater pearls.

Lei ChicMaterials:
You'll need: 3 feet of 20 gauge half hard variety wire (metal of your choice), wire cutters, 1 stone (approx. 30 mm long) with one hole through the length of the stone, flat nose pliers and a ring mandrel (used for shaping wire).


Lei Chic
Step 1

After determining what size ring you want to make, place the middle of the wire on the ring mandrel one size larger than desired size.

Lei Chic


Step 2
Wrap the wire around the ring mandrel four times, alternating with each end of the wire so that the ends remain equal in length.

Lei Chic
Step 3
Pull the shaped wire off the ring mandrel. Be careful not to release the tension as the wire will loosen and lose shape. Wrap one end of the wire tightly around your ring shape four times (start from the center and move outward). Continue to hold the ring firmly while completing this step. Repeat with the other end of the wire.

Lei Chic

Step 4
String the stone onto one end of the wire, centering the stone over the wire wrapping you completed in Step 3. Take the other end of the wire and thread it through the stone in the opposite direction. Pull both ends firmly so the stone is secure.

Lei Chic
Step 5
Wrap one end of the wire around the base of the stone (where it meets the ring) until approximately 1½ inch remains. Wrap that remaining 1½ inch tightly around the ring three times. Repeat with the other end of the wire on the opposite side of the ring.

Lei Chic

Step 6
Use your wire cutters to trim the ends of the wire. Cut as close to the ring as possible. Using your flat nose pliers, flatten the ends of the wire to the ring to prevent scratching during wear.


Check out Lauryn Chun's Wishing Bridge Fall 2009 collection at www.wishingbridgejewelry.com. Select pieces are also available on Oahu at Bamboo Sky, Ai Designs, Craft Flair Ward Warehouse and Royal Jewelry Ala Moana Center.