Wordsworth the Mouse Teaches Keiki About Haiku

A wise mouse encourages kids to express themselves and explore a new medium in this new book by an acclaimed author.


Wordsworth Haiku Book 1

Photo: Courtesy of Watermark Publishing


Hawai‘i Island-born author Frances H. Kakugawa came out with the fifth installment of the award-winning children’s series about Wordsmith, a little Hawaiian mouse who’s deemed different because he expresses himself through poetry. In Wordsworth’s latest adventure, Wordsworth the Haiku Teacher, Kakugawa is his pen pal, offering him the confidence to teach his friends this traditional art.


“Capture an image so others can see and feel and taste it, too,” says Wordsworth to encourage his new students to try their hand at the simple structure of haiku poetry (three lines with five, seven then five syllables each).


As a haiku teacher, Wordsworth is able to make the art of it engaging. Therefore, keiki reading along will be introduced to writing concepts like simile, metaphor and personification in easy-to-understand terms. The 32-page book is beautifully illustrated by Scott Goto.


Available for $14.95 at bookshawaii.net


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