Aloha Journal Can Help You Be More Grateful

The reflection and intention-setting tool, started by Danny Kim, is focused on building aloha.


How did I live Aloha today? That’s one of the prompts in the locally designed Aloha Journal, a five-minute-a-day reflection and intention-setting tool started in 2019 by Danny Kim. “The goal and purpose of the Aloha Journal is to create a practice of connection to oneself by reflecting on values of aloha and gratitude,” Kim says. “True happiness does [not] depend on external events or things. Rather, happiness is an inner journey when one discovers that their authentic self, their essence, is enough.”


Based on my feelings, what do I need? Kim spent more than two decades working in finance but realized he wasn’t happy and needed a change. Now, he’s the founder and CEO of the DK Leadership Group, an executive coach and a senior consultant with The Arbinger Institute, which aims to change people’s mindsets to focus more on how they can make a difference to others.


Aloha Journal

Photo: Courtesy of the Aloha Journal


How will my best self show up today? The Aloha Journal encourages you to start the morning with positive affirmations and goal-setting, and to anticipate challenging moments that you can recast in a positive way. At the end of the day, prompts ask you to reflect on how you made a positive impact and what you accomplished. There are also weekly reflections about your happiness and what you learned. “During the pandemic, there was an increased need for connection. Organizations and schools used the weekly prompts in the journal to spark conversations and connection,” Kim says. By setting intentions, recognizing their feelings and expressing values such as kindness and humility, Kim hopes people will feel more connected to themselves and others. 



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