Wishing Bridge designer launches affordable Pi jewelry line

Sweet as Pi

Pi Jewelry

Fashion Math Quiz

Word Problem:
Girl A loves gold jewelry. Unfortunately, Girl A's paycheck (x) does not equal the cost of elegant, goldfill pieces (y). What should Girl A do?

y must equal Pi, as in Pi jewelry, a new line by Wishing Bridge designer Lauryn Chin.

Show Your Work:
The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising graduate wanted to create a second, more affordable brand that still boasted the same quality and style as Wishing Bridge. So she developed Pi, a line inspired by her son, his nickname, and his fascination with shapes.

Think of Pi as the sum of everything you learned in geometry class hammered into chic, wearable jewelry [see Fig. 2, below], from equilateral Min Tri (angle) studs to larger, lightweight Pent (agon) bracelets. Each piece is made to last with 14k-goldfill, though materials are used sparingly and with efficient manufacturing to keep costs down.

With most prices <$40, Pi equals a sleek, gold line that can be easily calculated into any budget. So you could layer, say, a bold Para (llelogram) necklace with a more delicate Scalene (triangle) chain without forcing your wallet into negative numbers.

And that's an A-plus in our book.

Pi is available at House of Aria, 1140 Bethel St. and online at The-Pi-Collection.com. Top photo by Herman Chin.

Pi Jewelry