Winter Blunderland

Image CLUE Detective: The death of Ms. Holly Day Style has hit us all hard. No doubt, the glamorous updo, smoky eyes, and glossy red lip color that took hours to create this morning are gone too soon.

After an extensive investigation we have reached one conclusion. The murderer of the party girl Style was (dramatic pause) Colonel Bluster, in the courtyard, with the wrench-ing rain and dagger-ing winds.

Perhaps if Ms. Style had taken some advice from our beauty and hair experts she would have survived these stormy conditions. It’s not too late for you to protect yourself with these tips.

Face Facts

Seal It Up – The team at Black Cat Hair Studios suggests spraying a little hairspray into the air and letting it fall on your finished face. Or try Face Art Beauty’s secret sealer, Model in a Bottle, which works well even on teary brides.
Black Cat Hair Studios’ suggestion: Aveda’s Air Control Hair Spray.
Face Art Beauty’s suggestion: Model in a Bottle .

Step Out of Liquid – Cheryl De Presbiteres of Cherbu Cosmetics says instead of a liquid foundation that can run, use a wet sponge to apply a powder foundation that is more resistant to the weather.
Cheryl’s suggestion: Cherbu Dual Powder Foundation.
Another option: Mix a small dab of concealer with moisturizer. Wendy Robin of Studio W and creator of Stargirl Cosmetics says it will give you a dewy (not dry) look with the coverage you need. And don't forget the SPF to block out winter rays, even on overcast days.
Wendy suggests: Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer with SPF 20

Don't See RedChristine Gardner of FLAUNT says if you get blotchy from heavy winds, red and pink makeup shades will just enhance your too-rosy complexion.

Go Primer Time – Everyone points to the importance of primer to keep your skin hydrated and as a base to keep your colors in place. A tinted moisturizer can also work.

Hold it Right Hair

Hang Loose With Hats – Hat and scarves can preserve your hair, but Ashlee Valeros from Reve Salon warns a too-tight fedora or scarf wrap job may leave you with greasy, flat locks.

Ease Up On Hairspray – The team at Face Art Beauty opts for mousse (a dollop slightly larger than a quarter) for volume without the weight and a more flexible hairstyle.

Don't Go Damp– Blow dry your do completely. Heather from Black Cat Studio says damp hair will frizz up when air dried.

Get In Condition – Hydrating your hair is key during the winter. Gardner advises applying a hair mask once a week, wrap your hair in plastic wrap then a towel for 10 minutes to allow the conditioner to penetrate deeply.