Wings Hawaii's whimsical decal dishware

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Lei Chic
Artichoke plate, $35.

Michelle Obama. Wise, wise woman.

Really knows her way around a show-stopping outfit. Also, completely obsessed with plates and what goes on them.

Squid and reptile skeletons? Probably not what she had in mind…

Lei Chic
Squid dish, $45, Peacock Feather mug, $24, School of Fish dinner plate, $55.

Introducing Wings Hawaii's decal dishware, an array of plates, platters and cups bedecked with plants, sea creatures and random curios, available now.

These are pretty much your average dishes. Except that they aren't, since the girls at Wings Hawaii took images from old text books, turned them into fun decals, then fired everything in a kiln so they'll never come off.

Some are adorned with dainty ferns or peacock feathers. Shells. Artichokes. Your typical decorative stuff.

Others are, well, kind of creepy in a really awesome way. A squid floating just out of reach of wandering fishing lures. Lizard skeletons. Fish heads attached to rockets. A hand growing out of a horse's butt while holding a seagull's head.

Which could actually be a hilariously rewarding sight while cleaning your plate.

Whatever gets you to eat your vegetables.

$25-$55, available at Wings Hawaii, 71 Baldwin Ave. in Paia and online.