Wine Flight Rules? They’re only fun when you break them. Clubs? They’ve got too many rules. You want to do as you please—fly outer island one day, return on a boat the next—and the only thing you’ve joined lately is your friends out for a glass of wine at Formaggio.

The Hawaiian Wine Club just might make you reconsider that position.

Every month they hand select two hard-to-get premium wines from boutique wineries across the globe, award members 100 Hawaiian Airlines miles per bottle, develop an accompanying recipe and tasting notes, and deliver them to your home or office for just $15 a bottle or less, plus shipping.

It might be a plummy Argentine Malbec and sunny Chardonnay one month, a smoky Pinot Blanc and peppery Cabernet Franc the next. Each shipment features a different varietal and no wines are ever repeated, so after a year you’ll know them all—and have earned more than 5,600 miles (more if you take advantage of the 20 percent reorder discount).

But remember, the first rule of Wine Club is that you must be a Hawaiian Miles member. So stop fighting and join (it’s free).

See, sometimes following the rules can be fun.

Hawaiian Wine Club, 1.800.989.4492 or online at