Wild Card

Lei ChicSurfing Santa card. Shaka Santa card. Hula dancing reindeer card.

When did sending a little holiday aloha become so lame?

This year, send something you won’t be embarrassed to put your return address on—a stylish, locally made card from Kawaihae Cards.

Designed by Nancy Botticelli, the cards are conceived, designed and printed on the Big Island. And they’re anything but the contrived Island-style versions you’re used to.

Botticelli, who has 25-plus years of visual merchandising experience, lets her creativity shine through with playful graphic designs and vibrant colors. Utilizing photos she shoots and then manipulates electronically, the cards range in style from classic traditional (ribbon-topped wreaths) to modern Pop Art (neon candy cane collages). She also creates festive holiday scenes using adorable crocheted creatures.

And Botticelli offers more than just holiday designs. She also makes graduation cards, anytime cards and even does custom work. Printed on soft linen paper they have a luxurious feel that compliments their one-of-a-kind aesthetic.

Finally, local-style holiday cards that actually deliver.

Kawaihea Cards are available online here.