Who Will Save Your Soles?

www.leichic.com Holiday party season starts this weekend – which means a month of dressing up, going out, mingling – and standing, sometimes for hours. In heels.

Almost makes you wish it was socially acceptable to leave your shoes at the door in public places. Or wear slippers with your cocktail dress.

Switch to sensible shoes? No can. Not in this lifetime.

Instead, soothe your aching soles with the shoe inserts from Insolia. Made of clear plastic, the inserts adhere to the back of your shoe’s insole and are practically invisible. They work by slightly lifting your arch so you shift your weight back onto your heel and off the ball of your foot. Sure, you’re skeptical. But these little plastic miracles have the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Approval.

Insolia insoles won’t make your strappy, metallic, four-inch heels feel like your foam Reef slippers, but they will make them bearable for more than 20 minutes.

Which means you’ve kicked the high-heel hangover that sets in after a long night in Jimmy Choos.

If only headache relief was so easy.

Available online at www.insolia.com