Whimsical Tees and Art from BCH PRK

We’re having serious childhood flashbacks right now.


It’s summer time and the livin’s easy—especially in Hawai‘i, aka beach-lovers' paradise. Local parents Christian and Shandra Hastings are all about the Islands' simple pleasures and have found their own little heaven in the bevy of picturesque beach parks that dot the O‘ahu shore.­


That explains the name of the duo’s art and design line, BCH PRK. The couple’s bright and colorful creations are an ode to their family’s favorite places to hang out and a reflection of the artsy pair’s affinity for clean, minimal, Scandinavian and mid-century styles. Launched at the end of last year, this budding brand boasts a small line of chipper tees and a handful of kid-approved prints, perfect for bringing a dash of childlike charm to your walls. The collection also has a healthy infusion of whimsy, and the sweet, handmade art is inspired by the Hastings family’s adventures. “Road Trip” is a cheeky representation of “are-we-there-yet” woes while woodland-y “Friendly Equine” features horses and unicorns, two of the Hastings’ daughter’s favorite animals.


BCH PRK wasn’t always a business. It started as a parent passion project: Christian and Shandra were eager to funnel their natural creativity into making a slew of things their kiddos could wear and enjoy. That explains why the tees have such a spirit of childhood in them, with playful and happy imagery and bright colors that the Hastings say were inspired by their shared love of nature, from sand to sun to the ocean to rainbows. One of our favorite pieces from the petite collection is a fun and simple BCH PRK tee, with bubbly, sans serif type and a rainbow of letters splashed across a sky-blue background. Other feel-good options are the “aloha” tee, with a circle of orange and red florals, and a cheery illustration of a sloth with the handwritten words “let’s hang out” alongside him.


Cute, right? No kidding.


$22–$28, bchprk.com.