Where The Sun Don't Shine

Some things just turn out better when you do it yourself – like concocting a personal scent, or brewing your own beer.

And then there are those things you should never try at home – like your own highlights, waxing anything, and self-tanning.

Don’t even risk it with sure-to-streak gels and lotions. Instead, visit Sun Splash Tans, where a custom airbrush spray tan takes only 10 minutes and leaves you with an even, non-orange bronze.

Unlike lotions or even the spray-tan booths, at Sun Splash your tan is applied with an airbrush gun by a trained staffer who helps you put special “blocking” cream on your palms, feet and cuticles to avoid weird splotches, and who makes sure the spray is evenly applied. The formula smells like fruity lip balm, not chemicals, and it’s a chocolate color, so you can have instant tan lines (or not, if you want everything tan).

The downsides? Getting sprayed is nothing like an afternoon at the beach, and you can’t get even a little bit wet for six hours afterward. You’ll be covered in a brown temporary bronzer, which does rub off during those six hours, and it looks like full body makeup that’s 10 shades too dark. But once you shower, what’s left behind is a lighter, natural looking tan that lasts for seven days.

And there's zero risk of wrinkles or cancer.
Which means even a real tan pales in comparison.

Airbrush spray tans are $34.99 at Sun Splash Tans, 625 Kapahulu Avenue, 808.735.3777, www.sunsplashtans.com