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Wild Child Collection jewelry from Iratik

You’re feeling caged in at a nine-to-five zoo, totally over dealing with catty corporate wolves. In fact, any more of this feeding frenzy and your claws are going to come out.

But while you may not be able to go beast mode on your job (doubtful that scavenging and hunting prey will pay the rent), you can set your wardrobe free with Iratik's summer Wild Child collection.

Designer Krystle Ganotisi has a taste for the edgy, and it shows in her line of punky-meets-earthy jewelry. Bare your fashion teeth in fierce harness bracelets, talon pendants and pyramid studs. For tamer moments with just the right amount of bite, pounce on her chunky raw metallic earrings, crescent moon accessories and dreamcatcher bracelet.

Ganotisi, a graphic designer by day, crafts her baubles for like-minded "feral-at-heart" fashionistas who change their stripes—er, accessories—as often as she does. In fact her pack of pieces range from hard-rocking, graphic clutches to dreamy, draped, collar necklaces.

So you can safely let your animal instincts go wild. 

Er—at least when it comes to accessorizing.

Shop the Wild Child jewelry collection and more at iratik.com. Prices range from $20–$40.