What Is the E-Hawk Plane Project?

(Sponsored) A unique sustainable idea has taken flight at ‘Iolani School.


Iolani School E Hawk Plane Project

Photo: Courtesy of ‘Iolani School



‘Iolani School is a hub of innovative learning these days, from nurturing students through relationship-based learning to starting its very own ESports team. Now, here’s another reason to be impressed by the private school.


In the fall season of 2020, with a collective dream of building an electric-powered plane to promote sustainable flight, a handful of ‘Iolani students and their teacher started the E-Hawk Plane Project. Since then, the team has been slowly building the electric motor glider from the ground up using open-source plans for the EMG-6 (Electric Motor Glider Model 6), chronicling each step of the way through blog posts and videos.


Iolani School E Hawk Plane Project Wing Covering Placing

Photo: Courtesy of ‘Iolani School



The aircraft represents an innovative first step in advancing sustainable air travel, while also exposing students to disciplines in engineering, aviation and project management. The game plan is broken up into two phases: Phase I will challenge the team of students to fabricate the EMG-6 experimental aircraft kit, while Phase II will require the students to engineer the electrical propulsion system and custom avionics. Once complete, the team’s ultimate goal is to fly the aircraft within the Hawaiian Islands using only renewable energy.



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There have been a handful of students working on the passion project over the years, all of whom are either former or current ‘Iolani School students. Although it started as an extracurricular activity, the E-Hawk Plane Project will be continued as part of the Advanced Innovation and Leadership Project Course offered at ‘Iolani.


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