What is Designer Mariko Merritt Cooking Up for Marks Garage?

Dishware from Mariko Merritt of Beachcake.


We’re having a dinner party and you’re invited! On the menu is a mixture of sweet and substantial, with tempting details you’ll definitely want to savor. Oh, but where are our table manners? Let us introduce you to the chef!


Actually, we’ve all met before: It’s Mariko Merritt, artist behind the so-cute-we-could-eat-them ceramics from her brand, Beachcake, as well as illustrator of local children’s books. Beachcake stole our hearts with its selection of dear little animal and wee, cheeky merfolk sculptures, so when we got wind of her latest delectable-sounding endeavor, we knew we needed the dish. What Merritt’s cooking up is a collection of small servingware as part of the “Dinner Party” exhibit happening at Marks Garage, open today through Oct. 1.


Her series of small spoons, trays and bowls are perfect for holding snacks and condiments, with the same whimsical, colorful feel that make her Beachcake sculptures so fun. Think playful pandas propping up deep-blue bowls with cheeky, polka dot patterns on the inside, or a serene baby elephant flexing his trunk in the middle of a striped dish. Look for more little animals (chicks and dolphins, to name a couple) and jolly combinations of colors and patterns.


All in all, it’s a pretty tempting spread.


$10–$150, The Arts at Marks Garage, Aug. 30 through Oct. 1, Tuesday through Saturday, noon to 5 p.m.