What $2,400/Month Can Rent You Around Oahu

Honolulu’s cost of living is the third highest in the U.S., but certain Oahu neighborhoods fare better than others when it comes to how far you can make that dollar stretch, at least regarding home rentals.

Here’s what you can get right now for $2,400 a month:


If you have a big family, you won’t have much luck finding enough space under one roof in downtown Honolulu for $2,400. You may have to venture all the way out to Makaha, where one particular home on Lahaina Street offers five bedrooms and two bathrooms, a storage area, parking and basic appliances (including air conditioners). It may be a far drive, but what you save in rent will more than make up for the money you spend commuting, no matter where you work.

84-925 Lahaina St.
Contact: KMJ Realty LLC, 523-5975


For bachelors or small families with $2,400, welcome to town. The Regency Tower on Date Street is a conveniently located (and furnished!) condo with great views of Waikiki and Diamond Head. Two bedrooms and two bathrooms inside, two covered parking stalls and a pool outside, make the 1,000-square-foot apartment ideal for 20-somethings, 30-somethings or whatever-somethings who value security and proximity.

Regency Tower, 2525 Date St. #3801
Contact: M&M Real Estate LLC, 735-2520


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If your heart is set on Waikiki, $2,400 a month will get you a one-bedroom, 608-square-foot apartment. Yes, it’s expensive, but the sacrifice in space will put you within walking distance of world-famous beaches, premier shopping and one of the liveliest districts in Honolulu. Great for minimalists who miss the coziness of the womb.

Four Paddle, 2140 Kuhio Ave.
Contact: Oahu Premier Realty LLC, 944-1898