Are These the Most Wes Anderson Locations in Honolulu?

Grab your beret and binoculars.


As a Team Zissou stan who’s dressed up as both Moonrise Kingdom’s Suzy and the equally fantastic Mrs. Fox for Halloween, I’ve been loving social media’s current Wes Anderson craze. And naturally, it got me thinking about which Honolulu locales would make for Anderson-worthy backdrops.


Royal Hawaiian Hotel Credit David Croxford

The Royal Hawaiian, a Luxury Collection Resort. Photo: David Croxford


Once I started looking, I began seeing them all over town, unintentionally imbued with the director’s stylistic hallmarks—muted pastels and saturated jewel hues, retro aesthetics, symmetry and charming, sometimes ornate touches. From an Expressionist-style apartment building in Waikīkī to an oddities shop in Downtown-Chinatown and a dazzling blue-dipped dining room in Diamond Head, here are some of my favorites that recall the signature cinematography of Wes Anderson movies.


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