Waste Not, Want Not

www.leichic.comYou never judge books by their covers (well, maybe fashion magazines). And never a person by their shoes (except a man you might date). But one place appearances always matter is gifts, and your well-intentioned, recycled magazine wrapping paper just isn’t cutting it anymore.

So stock up on a suite of Waste Not Paper note cards, wrapping paper and gift bags. Adorned with clean yet vibrant prints and patterns, including letterpress designs, they’re also crafted with the environment in mind, minimizing unnecessary waste and cost. Their printers recycle ink-waste, the paper mills are environmentally-committed or hydroelectric-powered, and they’re converting more colors and products to 30 percent recycled paper.

But that’s just a bonus, rivaled by collections like the new Flora + Fauna line, which is taking nature big with large prints of life found in the environment, such as butterflies, flowers, marine fish, insects and algae, as well as 18th-century botanical etchings and intricate geometric patterns. So you can wrap things up beautifully in greens, pinks and oranges, dash off a unique thank you note, or place a gift in a bag that can be proudly shown off (then reused).

Because it’s true that the thought counts.
Both inside and out.

Waste Not Paper products are available at Pacific Home , 420 Ward Avenue, 808.593.9330, and Modern Pacific Weddings , 3620 Waialae Avenue, 808.737.0638.