Want Your Voice Heard? Here’s How You Can Get Involved With Local Government

Register to vote or run for your neighborhood board by Friday, Feb. 17.
Waikiki Neighborhood board meeting


It’s been an exhausting month (year, really) of political news and squabbling, with seemingly every side upset about something new each day. But, on a positive note, all of this unrest has inspired action across the country, from protests to people educating themselves and others about what’s going on and how to make sure their voices are heard.


Maybe you can’t secure a spot in the White House, but here are two things you can do, right now, to get involved with local government:


Register to run for your neighborhood board

Change starts small. Are you sick of the crime popping up in your area? Is traffic getting worse? Is litter becoming more of a problem? Neighborhood boards are there to hear your concerns. As a member of the board, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with government officials on a regular basis to address problems in your community. The only requirements? Be at least 18 years old and a resident of the community in which you’re running. If you’re not ready to commit to serving on the board, attend a meeting once in a while. You may be surprised by what’s going on and how easy it can be to help.

Candidate registration forms are due Friday, Feb. 17. Get more information here. Learn more about neighborhood boards here or by calling 768-3781.


Register to vote

Did you know you can vote in neighborhood board elections? If you’re already a registered voter as of the 2016 state elections, you’re good to go. If you aren’t registered or have moved since the election, you must fill out a Voter Registration Form. Elections are held April 28 through May 19. Voting happens online at honolulu.gov/nco.

Voter registration forms are due Friday, Feb. 17. Get more information here or by calling 768-3781.