Wanderlust Festival: Practice Yoga, Camp and Play on the North Shore

An international yoga festival arrives on O‘ahu’s North Shore this month, with classes, music and outdoor activities.
Photos: Ali Kaukas for Wanderlust Festival


Yoga has gone mainstream. It may have started as a deeply spiritual practice in ancient India, but, these days, it’s one of the trendiest workouts around, complete with expensive, color-coordinated duds that change with the seasons and a wide array of programs held in expansive studio lofts. There’s even an international yoga festival—Wanderlust, now in its seventh year—that celebrates the latest and greatest in this ancient discipline.


Hawai‘i is different, though. With our beautiful outdoor weather, the Islands have been slower to catch on to studio-based fitness trends. Instead of spandex-clad scenesters working on immaculate vintage hardwood studio floors (though we do have a few of those), Honolulu’s yoga scene has experienced an explosion of donation-based classes, many held outside at scenic beach parks.



So what happens when an international production like Wanderlust comes to Hawai‘i, as it does this month (Feb. 26 through March 1)? Well, it picks up our vibes. The Hawai‘i version of Wanderlust retains most of the same character as the local yoga scene—it’s much like an evening at Kapi‘olani Beach Park: some slackliners playing on tightropes by the trees, a few yoga classes being held in the grass, people in the water on SUPs and surfboards. Only picture it at Turtle Bay, with live music and a whole lot of like-minded people gathered together. Unlike other Mainland Wanderlust festivals, Wanderlust O‘ahu offers surf lessons and yoga on stand-up paddleboards to satisfy ocean-minded locals.


The biggest draw is undoubtedly the yoga talent. This year, Wanderlust has more “celebrity” yogis than ever (mostly from California), including big names such as Shiva Rea, Janet Stone, Eoin Finn and Seane Corne. It keeps things balanced with 12 local instructors, including Erica Jago and Nicki Doane (Maui). We only hope the festival continues to keep it local as it grows, because, after all, nothing complements yoga more than aloha.


For more info on the festival, or to purchase tickets, check out oahu.wanderlustfestival.com.


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