Wandering Eyes

Lei Chic Pat Benatar said it best: love is a battlefield. And our eyes are our greatest weapons. Just sweep your lashes up and focus those twin guns on the object of your desire. His surrender: imminent.

But lately you’ve been running a little low on ammo—those short, skimpy stubs aren’t likely to get any guy to submit to your advances. For some extra firepower, enlist the help of Wink! Hawaii, the newly launched mobile lash extension service.  

Founded by local beauty technician Jacci Delaneau, Wink! offers up something the salons just can’t—the comfort of your own living room—a major plus since a first-time application can take up to two hours.

Using tweezers, each natural lash is meticulously singled out, coated with the tiniest bit of glue and then bonded to its own synthetic extension. Delaneau uses NovaLash extensions, one of the most natural-looking brands on the market. And one of the strongest—ideal for withstanding Hawai‘i's humid, makeup-melting weather and active local lifestyle—her work has even survived the break at Sandy's.

You can go for a full set, which includes 60 to 80 extensions per eye. Or, opt for the subtler "enhanced” set, which focuses 25 extensions at the outer corners of the eyes. They’ll last for the length of your lashes' growth cycle until they naturally fall out—most clients get up to five weeks out of a full set.   

Wink!'s prices are similar to those at the salon and there's no extra charge for the home visit. And if you prefer to go to her, Delaneau also takes clients in a spa-like setting at her Portlock home.

Your next move: world domination.

To make an appointment with Wink! Hawaii or for more info, call 808.381.2903 or visit www.winkhawaii.com.