Wag Bags

Lei Chic Collie: Hey, are you still in the doghouse?

Dachsund: Yep. I still don’t know why she got so unleashed over my little snack. She said it was a Jimmy Chew!

Collie: That bites. Sounds like you’re not doing so hot, dog.

Dachsund: I sure could use some puppy love.

Collie: Furget about it. Grab her a gift from Wag Apparel – a line with chic silhouettes of our favorite four-legged friends.

 Pick the outline of your favorite pup and an adorable print, then sit and stay. Creator Carol Song will emblazon the polka-dot, stripe, or floral shapes on to an American Apparel shirt, sturdy canvas tote complete with pockets big enough for our water bottles, or canine bandanna.

You can even break out of the pack by adding initials. Or if you’re planning to order enough outfits for whole litter, you can create a patch unique to a single pet.

Dachsund: Thanks! That seems like an easy way to get her to wear my bark on her sleeve.

Collie: You’ve hit it on the tail.

Wag Apparel ranges between $9.99 for the bandana and $29.99 for the tote. Order custom designs online or purchase ready-made items at Red Pineapple in Ward Center and Fishcake, 307 Kamani St., Suite C.