Vintage Hawaii Food Quiz



Hawaii’s food and culture are so intertwined as to be inseparable. You can’t eat a dish without encountering an ethnicity, an era, a family or a good story. In his new book, Kau Kau: Cuisine & Culture in the Hawaiian Islands, local author Arnold Hiura dives into our state’s delicious and fascinating cuisines. The book is published by our sister company, Watermark Publishing. Each week in November, we’ll be presenting an exclusive excerpt from the upcoming book (you can order it here at In this week’s installment, test your knowledge of Oahu’s food history with our quiz on diners. 

Photo: Courtesy Honolulu Advertiser

1. Which restaurant opened in 1929 and is widely considered to be the first drive-in in Hawaii?


2. Kau Kau Korner opened in 1935. Its waitresses were famous for what aspect of their carhop costumes?


3. Which 1950’s restaurant was shaped like a giant doghouse? 


4. Which Moiliili drive-in attracted big crowds of teenagers and their souped-up cars, particularly after games held at Honolulu Stadium, which was right across the street?


5. Which Kailua burger joint reportedly sold 3,600 hamburgers on opening day in 1957? Hint: Ben Lum was a co-founder. 


Bonus question: The era of the modern supermarket started in 1947, when which store opened?




#1:    KC Drive Inn, on the corner of Ala Wai Boulevard and Kalakaua Avenue.
#2:    Short skirts.
#3:    The Dog House on Kapahulu. It served specialty hot dogs, such as grilled teri hot dogs.
#4:    Chunky’s Drive-In, which served cheap and tasty plate lunches.
#5:    Andy’s Drive-In.
Bonus Question Answer: Foodland


Do you remember these vintage menus?

Photos of Menus by: George Engebretson