Vin-ity Fare

Lei Chic It’s a workplace jungle out there. And you want to be queen.

You’re the first one in, the last to leave and in your world “midnight oil” isn’t just a band you liked in the ’80s. 

But in this economy, everyone needs an edge to stay off the chopping block. And sometimes a little social style and grace will go a lot further than any top-name reference or MBA to show the boss you’re poised to lead the pack.

Maybe you should go back to school – wine school that is – and enroll yourself in the back-by-popular-demand wine education series at Brasserie Du Vin. The classes, which are held once a month, are led by the restaurant’s wine steward, Rebecca Fineman, and will arm you with the tasting skills and terminology to navigate any wine list with confidence.

The first class, Wine 101, is tomorrow night, January 25, and covers wine tasting basics and wine characteristics like acidity, alcohol and tannin. You’ll finish the hour-and-a-half session by practicing your new skills with guided tastings of several varietals. Other classes are scheduled in February, March and beyond, meaning by next year, you could be sipping smarter and commanding attention by choosing a wine your clients will love rather than assaulting their taste buds with that same old Chardonnay.

A little savvy on the food and wine front? Now that’s survival of the fittest.

Wine 101 is Tuesday evening, January 25 at 6:30 p.m. at Brasserie Du Vin, 1115 Bethel St., 808.545.1115 . Registration is $25 (plus tax and gratuity) and includes a selection of appetizers to complement the wines. Reservations strongly recommended. Classes for February and beyond are not yet on the restaurant’s website, but are tentatively scheduled for the last Thursday of each month.