Vicky Cayetano: Helping Small Businesses

(Sponsored) Those who’ve worked with Hawai‘i’s candidate for governor know: She gets things done.


Vicky 1

Photo: Courtesy of Vicky Cayetano.


Hawaiʻi is in an economic crisis. Many small businesses are being decimated. At the same time, our shrinking workforce has created tremendous stress on employees, higher labor costs and a lower revenue base for employers.


Vicky Cayetano’s 34 years of growing and leading a successful business has given her a background and skill set that will set a new direction on how government interacts with small businesses. Those who know and have worked with her describe her as innovative collaborative, and a “doer”. She gets things done.


For immediate financial relief, she proposes lowering the G. E. Tax for small businesses and farmers. This is the kind of help that is needed now to help small businesses survive.


Vicky 3

Photo: Courtesy of Vicky Cayetano.


Vicky Cayetano would create an Executive Office for Small Business. It will serve new and existing small businesses and farmers, many of them local and family owned, to prosper in the new economy.


When our small businesses and farmers are thriving, we thrive too. Discover more about what Vicky stands for by visiting