Vegging Out

www.leichic.comWork Out.

Pick Up the Dry Cleaning.

Wash the car.


Grab drinks with friends.

So your to 'do list' largely turned into a 'to do later' list.

You can get by without most of your errands. But skipping the grocery store means you'll have to cook your famous cheese and chips eaten over the sink for dinner. Your New Year resolution to eat right will have to wait another week.

A Kakaako couple with a passion for agriculture has picked up your slack.

Matt Johnson and Lisa Zeman are the brains behind Oahu Fresh. The duo has 10 years experience working in local ag, and now is delivering the farm to your front door. For less than $100 a month, they'll deliver two bags of locally grown produce to your home or a designated drop-off point in your neighborhood every week. They pick the best of what's in season in Hawaii. Subscribers can get everything from cucumbers, tangelos, chinese parsley to longan, pea shoots, and even arugula.

If you're more carnivore than vegetarian, for an added price, you can order Kau beef from the Big Island, fresh truffle butter, feta cheese, or specialty cream cheese from the Naked Cow Dairy, and wash it all down with real Big Island coffee.

They mainly deliver to spots and Farmer's Markets in town. But it you find nine other friends to sign up and a drop-off point, and Oahu Fresh will roll into your neighborhood.

Proving it can be easy, eating green.