Vegas was Here

DJ Graham Funke and I at the end of a fun White Party night.

I have fun every night I go out. But, there are rare nights that exceed all others.  You remember those nights.  It’s the night six months ago when pro basketball players invited me to their VIP sections at a nightclub. It’s the night two months ago when an old friend I haven’t seen in years drove me around Waikiki in a hot red Viper—a few times—just to go eat at MAC 24/7.  And, it’s the night almost ten years ago that ended watching the sun rise over Waikiki beach while listening to friends jam on ukulele.  These are nights that you never forget.
Last Friday night’s White Party, presented by Flash & Matty Boy, at the Lotus Hotel made my list of favorite nights.  
Earlier in the evening I had visited the Honolulu Design Center for its 4th Annual Black & White party.  It definitely had a crowd and I heard it reached max capacity by the end of the night.  But, there is something not fun about standing and drinking while chatting with the same people that I already talk to on an everyday basis about the same things that we talk about.  Shouldn’t there be more to a night than counting the number of people that decided to not wear black or white to a “black and white” party?  And, shouldn’t there be more people on that obviously empty dance floor, besides the lone dancer pop-and-locking to Michael Jackson’s music?

I placed my wine glass down, headed out the door, picked up my car from valet and made my way down Kalakaua Avenue—White Party-bound.  
On arrival, I could immediately sense that this was the spot to be. Everyone looked amazing in their all-white attire, smiles lit up faces across the room and the dance floor was packed with people.  Plus, the White Party had something that the Honolulu Design Center didn’t … DJ Graham Funke, a L.A. and Las Vegas DJ, who plays regularly at Area in Hollywood and Tao Beach, Ghostbar, 40 Deuce and the Playboy Club in Las Vegas.
So, no, my night didn’t end with tigers in the bathroom of a hotel room or a friend stuck on the hotel roof. And, my night didn’t continue on to another place or even to get a bite to eat.  What made my night was DJ Graham Funke’s music—a mash up of hits that kept people on the dance floor and screaming for more.  It felt just like Vegas—only it didn’t cost hundreds of dollars to get there.


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