Valentine Tips

It’s Valentines Day.

Are you:

  1. a. Bursting with anticipation for the romantic evening you’ve spent weeks planning?
  2. b. Having a panic attack because you put off doing anything until today?
  3. c. Moping because you have no plans at all?

Before you answer, click through the Lei Chic archives for a cheat sheet of extra useful hints.

Answer A
The whole night is scheduled to the minute and you’ve covered details down to the candles. Make sure you’ve prepared for everything to go smooth – Honey Girl Organics new personal products will help.

Answer B
You can solve this problem by lunch today. Head over to the café at Heaven on Earth spa at the Ko‘olani to take out some fiery Cajun cooking from chef Kevin Tate. And plan for a spicy evening.

Too many meetings to even pick up takeout? Call the Windward Go Girls personal assistant service to help you buy dinner ingredients, pick up flowers, or even shop for a last-minute gift.

Answer C
No date? Who cares. Go out with the girls. Pearl’s Red Party from 7-10 p.m. tonight has a bachelor auction for charity, $5 Valentine cocktails, complimentary champagne, and a party favors from Watanabe Floral and Big Island Candies. All you have to worry about is wearing red.