Under Cover Lover

www.leichic.com It doesn’t matter if no one else sees them.

Part of the pleasure of sliding into bed is pulling up a duvet cover that perfectly matches your personality and your décor. After all, you worked hard mixing that custom eggplant-hued paint for your walls so that your perfectly mismatched set of Indonesian end tables would pop.

The trouble? You’ve been to Neiman’s and two Liberty House’s (er…Macy’s), but no one buys Calvin Klein anymore and the mass-produced Island-style fabrics are on every auntie’s pune`e.

Instead, sit in bed—that’s where the cover will go, right?—and in www.leichic.comthree simple steps Kiri Covers’ online Custom Duvet Cover Creator will help you devise an original, personalized creation to delight you each time you make or unmake your bed.

Kiri’s hand-selected fabrics are viewable side by side – Yes! Vanilla “Tiny Bubbles” does go with the earthy, Indian-esque “Nusa Dua”! – so you can easily choose the same or coordinating fabrics for a two-in-one reversible cover. There’s no chance you’ll get bored, so the only trouble you’ll have is deciding: Retro Hibiscus Sage on both sides? Areca Slate Green or Blue?

If you don’t know flannel from piping, select from available and www.leichic.comsuggested combinations, or ask Kiri to guide your color and style choices. Either way, each 100 percent cotton poplin cover with durable topstitching and hidden closures will be hand constructed in Kailua, just for you.

Available online at www.kiricovers.com  Also sold at the Lanikai Craft Fair.