Ultra-Natural Soaps for Ultra-Sensitive Skin from Aloha Sourced

Organic, hypoallergenic, allergen-free, small-batch—this soap has everything good for you rolled up in one bar.


We’re the type to treat our childhood adages like gospel. “Treat others like you’d like to be treated,” obviously. Or, “whosoever smelt it, dealt it.” Totally true. But, we’re taking issue with one saying we think isn’t giving us the whole story: sticks and stones. Sure, they may break your bones—but did you know they can actually heal you, too?


Well, maybe not all sticks, but Aloha Sourced owners Daniel and Janie Vea have had some serious success with bamboo. More specifically, they slip bamboo powder into all of their cold-process soaps to act as a gentle exfoliator for those with sensitive skin and other ailments. The two make all of their soaps as nourishing, as healing and as beneficial as possible: Think small batches to ensure quality, strategically selected essential oils and, most recently, an upcoming set of coconut-, palm- and nut-free bars. The duo are also rolling out a hypoallergenic selection, including the freshly made lemongrass-rich Noni Citronelle, with an updated recipe that packs in more useful ingredients for picky, fussy skin.


Janie’s inspiration for Aloha Sourced came first and foremost from her own struggles with the skin condition figurate erythema, which she treated with specially crafted soaps. Secondly, her products are mini odes to Hawai‘i, where she was raised, with the California-based duo sourcing ingredients from both the Islands and the Golden State. Look for invigorating, delectable scents such as ginger, ylang ylang, pīkake, charcoal, liliko‘i, spearmint, honey, seaweed, lavender and, yep, even hemp oil, in the cheekily named Pakalolo Dank Bamboo soup.


Combine it all with Daniel’s passion for minimalism and the environment, and you’ve got one sexy set of sleekly designed beauty products. The brightly (but also all-naturally) colored bars are packaged in organic, biodegradable materials, including the ever-on-trend jute twine, come in organic, rough-hewn shapes and are stamped with “aloha sourced” in a rustic typewriter font. They’re so cute, you could eat them—and, considering their ultra-natural composition, you probably could. (Just kidding.)


Who needs nursery rhymes? This is poetry to our ears.


$8–$15, alohasourced.com.