UH Football players train with new O.C. Aaron Price

Photo: University of Hawaii Athletics

I hate to be critical, but watching the UH football offense try to maneuver last season was not easy. Of the three most heralded statistical categories; rushing, passing and scoring and out of 124 FBS teams, UH ranked 101st, 114th and 102nd respectively.

Changes obviously needed to be made.

Veteran offensive coordinator Tommy Lee retired in December, leading the way for former University of Texas-El Paso O.C. Aaron Price to fill the vacancy.

A family friend of Norm Chow’s, Price is very familiar with Chow’s pro-set style of offense, which was on display last season.

“Moving from an air-raid or run-and-shoot style offense to a more traditional pro style, there is a lot of teaching involved and a lot of learning. Just getting guys accustomed to the new style takes a year,” says Price.

Throughout spring practice, which will be running until April 25, Price is paying careful attention to the cohesiveness he sees developing between certain offensive players. Price is also gauging the early performance highly touted transfer quarterback Taylor Graham, who due to NCAA transfer regulations had to sit out the 2012 season.

“Taylor is going to be a fun player to watch. He has a great arm, great ability. He can move and throw. He’s a student of the game and has a lot of desire and passion to succeed,” says Price, who is also expecting a breakout year from junior running back Joey Iosefa.

Nothing is guaranteed, and the new season is five months away, but if the skill players can contribute as expected and the offensive line can stay healthy the Warrior offense has a solid chance of ranking higher than 120th in 2013. And that would be an improvement in itself.


A professional writer for 10 years, Chris Fleck has covered a variety topics from history and sports to food and science. He currently is an adjunct professor at Hawaii Pacific University, teaching in both the communication and journalism departments. He is an avid runner and hiker and has embraced living in Hawaii since 2004.