Twitter Nights

A number of you don’t yet know what Twitter is.  And, this is proven by the number of times I’ve been asked, “What’s Twitter?”

Twitter is a micro-blogging site, that allows people to stay in touch by answering the question “What are you doing?” in less than 140 characters.  And, some cell phones have a Twitter application that you can download, so that you can update your profile via your cell phone.  People can then choose to "follow" you and get instant updates on what you are doing.  Yes! You get your own "followers!"

Last Sunday, I decided to tweet—yes, the verb is “tweet”—everything that I was doing that night as I hit the town and even added some instant iPhone pictures of the scenes around me.  At the very minute I submitted the photos, I got 4 views, then 20, then 30.  Wow, didn’t know that many people were up all night with me!  It is at this point that the addiction starts to set in.

So, for those of you who haven’t gotten into social networking yet, I would say, skip Myspace and Facebook and jump head first into Twitter.  It’s about to explode.

And, for those of you that missed it, below is what I did last Sunday night (with added commentary), just as an example of what Twitter communication is like, in all its grammatically-incorrect and misspelled glory.  Go ahead and “follow me” through Twitter to stay in touch.  This weekend, I’ll be tweeting the HIFF Oscar Night being held at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel.  Should be fun!

8:21 PM Feb 15
Ok twitterites, I’m tweeting everything that happens tonight (sorry, in advance, facebook friends. LOL)

Pure Seduction at Hush

9:57 PM Feb 15
At HUSH, drinking one of my favorite cocktails in Waikiki.. Pure Seduction .. Mmmmm. Great drinks here!

[I haven’t been to HUSH for awhile, but it still looks great.  And, the  $10 cocktails are still some of my favorite in Waikiki.  A great time to check out HUSH is on Friday nights for Shangri La from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m.]

10:01 PM Feb 15
What’s better than 80s music is watching people try to dance to 80s music.  This is awesome… Not crowded at all yet but imagine it will b

[It was an 80s night event at Hush called Acid Hush.]

10:25 PM Feb 15
I love this music.  The DJ’s r great, but gotta run to my next stop…

10:55 PM Feb 15
At “playbar”, no 80s here, actually I like this song.  But it’s empty, hot, and kinda smells & big daddy not here.  One drink, I’m out. 😉

[Big Daddy is a promoter that works at Playbar.]

10:58 PM Feb 15
Oh wait… DJ LT’s here.  It may have vindicated itself.  Hehe.

[DJ LT is usually at Zanzabar or Playbar on Wednesdays for its one-dollar drink nights.] 

The line at Zanzabar



11:09 PM Feb 15
Think I’ll stop by zbar later…

[As all 18 and over nights are at Zanzabar, it’s incredibly crowded.]

Outside Level 4



11:20 PM Feb 15
Love it… Free tonight with coupon on





The stage inside Level 4


 12:01 AM Feb 15
A lot going on at level4

[There were two artists painting canvases, a DJ booth, go go dancers and a live drummer on stage.]


12:04 AM Feb 15
Random guy taking a pic of me

[I was on my way to take a close-up of the drummer, when someone offered to take a picture of me.]



12:13 AM Feb 15
New friends…

[These are some very nice girls I met at Level 4.]

It was the girl with the lei’s birthday.

At the bar at Senor Frogs.

12:51 AM Feb 16
Guess where?

[Senor Frogs has done a few new things since I last wrote about them.  First, they’ve added the Funky Friday Fiesta promotion, run by Rick Rock Productions.  I think this has really livened up its Friday nights and brought in a much more local crowd.  Second, one of the rooms has been transformed into a game room.  This is a great use of space and now, you can play pool or darts, while watching the craziness around you.]

1:11 AM Feb 16
Sorry all… My batteries dying.  Check me out next weekend, plus I’ll b at the hiff oscar nite… I’m dancing the rest of the nite Gnite!

2:48 AM Feb 16
Hung out with rick rock the rest of the nite.  Ok, this time, goodnight!!!

[Rick Rock Productions]