Turn Me On


 How do we break this to you? The ceiling fan light – you know, the only thing illuminating your living room – is not really a lamp. Yes, it emits light. Yes, when it’s on, it’s not dark. But this functionary add-on is all about convenience, not style. It does not elevate your home décor, it does not say “this is so me.” Its only declaration is calling out every spot, wrinkle, and imperfection in your life.

Now Mark Chai’s pendant lamps – the ones that grace the chic innards of Town and Downtown restaurants – those are the real thing. His organic creations cast a soft, modern glow through interlocking pieces of maple, mahogany and cherry woods, in www.leichic.com

shapes that echo island culture – such as hula pahu and ipu instruments – or simply inspire imagination.

Used to working with recycled materials, Mark confidently gauges each angle by hand to develop these interactive pieces of usable art, each entwined with the way we perceive our world (light, silly). Good thing for you, they also impart some individuality to everyday life, especially if you request an original, custom design.

So forget Let There Be Light, and bring on Let There Be Lamps.

Now that’s an enlightening statement.

Available at The Contemporary Museum Shop, 808.523.3447; INTO Honolulu in Chinatown, 808.536.2221; and Na Mea Hawaii at Ward Warehouse, 808.597.8967. Custom order and see styles at www.markchaiarts.com