Turn Back Line

Lei ChicFive months into 2011 and you’re really starting to see results from your daily workout resolution.

Strong chest muscles – Im-pec-able
Lean shoulders – Without a delt
A trim belly – Abs – solutely

So you couldn’t believe it when new happy hour pictures on facebook had you seeing double – double chins and a pair of, no joke, slowly forming laugh lines.

Now you’re really feeling the churn.

Relax. There’s a new treatment designed to put you through your faces.

The Kahala Spa has just added yoga facial to its menu of services. The course designed to firm up your face was created by the Kahala’s own instructor, who trained in New York with the expert who literally wrote the book, Annelise Hagen.

For half-an-hour, an esthetician will teach you surprisingly tiring poses such as the Satchmo (blowing up your cheeks side-to-side ala Louis Armstrong) and the insane prom queen (opening your eyes and mouth as wide as possible and hold). Then ease those tingling muscles with an hour-long acupressure massage and facial of anti-aging serums.

You’ll leave with a detailed list of the 16 poses, just to jog your memory.

Meaning you’ll soon be able to strap on your running shoes without worrying about crows feet.

The 90-minute Yoga Facial is now available for $280 at The Kahala Spa in The Kahala Hotel & Resort, 5000 Kahala Ave. Call 808.739.8939 or e-mail spa@kahalaresort.com for reservations.