Tuesday, March 22 – Food

A sampling of the relief supplies Yasue received from her cousin’s company. Friends and relatives are now able to send food to Yasue through the Japanese postal system and commercial delivery services.

Slowly, in parts of northern Japan, life is returning to normal. With each passing day, Yasue sees more stores open, more people out on the streets. Her friends and family in Japan have successfully mailed her some aid packages. The commercial delivery services are now accepting larger packages but will only deliver to their branch offices. They are not yet ready to deliver to individual homes as they did prior to the quake 11 days ago. The recipients must go to the offices to pick up their packages. In a few days, gas will become more plentiful and the delivery services are expected to resume home delivery in the areas not impacted by the tsunami.

Text from Yasue 10:06 p.m. yesterday: I have enough food to survive! My friends are sending me even more. How can we politely tell people asking on Facebook for my address that they shouldn’t send more to me? Others are in more need.

Her friends in Japan, Chiemi, Eiko, Kel, Akiko, Elena, Rie, Kimie and many others are all sending supplies to Yasue and to her mom. Her family in Japan is as well. Ian and I have sent some from Hawaii that will take longer to get there, but, the packages will eventually get through. (Yeah Spam!)

As we said last Thursday, our immediate food crisis is over. We are so thankful for all the offers to help us. We are blessed and we count you among our blessings. There are others in much greater need of your help – the residents of the tsunami-ravaged coastal towns, those living in the shelters, the newly orphaned school children, the elderly. Here in Hawaii, there are a number of events coming up to support the victims of this disaster. If you can, please give to these fundraisers.

We will continue to accept happily your good thoughts and prayers. We will also continue to keep you updated regularly on Japan’s recovery.