Try Char Siu Flavored Ice Cream at Lucy’s Lab Creamery

The unique flavor is truly an enigma.
Char Siu Layout
Photos: Katrina Valcourt


Anyone who saw me eating at Lucy’s Lab Creamery last week must’ve thought it was my first time trying ice cream. I wasn’t hungry, but the salmon-pink flavor marked “char siu” caught my attention.


It sounded disgusting. I had to get it.


Swirling the smooth ice cream around in my mouth, taking small bites, licking the spoon from different angles as if that would suddenly give me an epiphany about what ingredients could possibly be in it (it can’t be real meat, can it?), I bounced theories off my dessert partner, who sampled the char siu but chickened out and ordered a scoop of POG instead. (I had a keiki cup.)


Char Siu Keiki cup


It tastes the way Chinatown smells, I said. He nodded. Or like pho. Maybe.


There were flecks of brown in it, which is off-putting when you think you’re eating meat ice cream, but they tasted like caramel. It was sweet. Maybe there’s almond extract in it. Probably five spice, which would explain a lot. I asked the staff, knowing they most likely wouldn’t give me an answer. All they told me was that, no, it isn’t currently vegetarian.


The flavor will be available until the end of summer, at least. Would I order it again, though?


I could. Or I might try the wasabi flavor.


$3.25 keiki cup, $4.25 single, $5.75 double, $7.25 triple, 1170 Auahi St., Suite 143,