Trump to Conclusions

Lei Chic Last Christmas you threw subtlety to the wind. Forget hinting, you tucked catalogue images of stuff you wanted into your BF’s pockets, briefcase and day planner. You even taped a Tiffany & Co. ad to his six-pack of beer.

Sadly, it wasn’t enough. And you wound up with a zebra-print Snuggie. 

The lesson? If you want bling, you’re just going to have to buy it yourself.

This time around, book yourself a Trump Signature Gemstone Massage at the over-the-top Trump Spa. The ultimate in pampering, the posh treatment utilizes Shiffa essential oils from Dubai loaded with raw sapphire, rubies or emeralds for 90 minutes of pure indulgence.

Each massage offers a different focus delivered through the combination of essential oils and the natural energies of the stones. Diamonds are for balance, emeralds for purification, rubies for revitalization and sapphires for calming and healing.

Plus, the spa offers unparalleled levels of privacy; each room has its own shower or spa tub, making the awkward naked-in-the-locker-room encounter a non-issue.

So you can say “you’re fired” to your man’s lame gifting habits,
And trump whatever he puts under the tree.

The Spa at Trump, 223 Saratoga Rd., Waikiki. To make an appointment call 1.877.683.7401. Kama‘aina get 10 percent off all treatments.