True Colors

www.leichic.comIf somebody (like a book author sporting a Dorothy Hamill haircut) asks if you’re a winter, spring, summer or fall, remind them it’s 2008 (not 1987) and you’ll wear whatever color you like, ok?

But when Tricia Komae of Devine Paint Hawai‘i recommends refreshing the walls of your home with Desert Lights or Ocean Tide Pools color palettes – just two of a dozen or so nature-coordinated interior paint collections – then pay attention.

An environmentally friendly designer paint with a rich, yogurt-like texture, low VOCs, and “trend-proof” natural shades, www.leichic.comDevine Paint was created to help you discover authentic colors by seeing what they really look like – not on computer-generated color chips. Their hand-painted palettes and 8.5×11 take-home paint pages make it easier to decide on a color direction, and purse-sized, $2 paint pouches eliminate the waste and cost of testing right on walls.

But it’s the personalized in-home consultation to customize a complete palette of up to 10 Devine colors that really sets them apart. Whether the new ’08 French Casino collection of glamorous Riviera tones, or the upcoming 99.9-percent VOC-free flora-fauna hues inspired by the founder’s Puerto Rican roots, Devine Paint has an inimitable way to color your walls beautiful.

www.leichic.comAll year round.

Devine Paint Hawai‘i, 1164 Smith St., Chinatown. By appointment only. 808.575.7400 or