Tressed Out

Lately, returning to the salon depends less on how grown out your roots are, and more on whether your hair can stand any more chemicals. Forget ravishing; mostly your hair just looks ravaged.

The flat-irony of the whole thing is that “beauty” treatments often leave your hair anything but beautiful.

Except for those at the newly opened Salon Bruno de Paris, that is. The only completely ammonia-free salon in Honolulu, Salon Bruno is exactly what your fried tresses have been begging for. Owner Bruno Choucair (your new favorite lock-smith) firmly believes in using only all-natural, chemical-free treatments that won’t leave your hair strangely reminiscent of hay.

A cut above is his ultra-gentle balayage treatment—a French highlighting technique that involves painting each streak on by hand in sweeping motions, applying less color at the base and more at the tip—a method Bruno mastered during his years of styling hair at top Parisian salons.

Unlike traditional foil methods, which can create an overly uniformed effect, balayage gives hair a subtle, sun-kissed look that looks natural as it grows out—perfect for those who just want to enhance their hair, not totally change it. Plus, it allows Bruno to completely tailor the highlights to each individual client’s face shape and features, placing them in the areas that are most flattering.

The salon only services one client at a time, so you’re sure to get the full VIP treatment every time. Add in the sweeping city views from its 31st floor windows and the  homemade truffles Bruno usually has on hand, and you’re practically thinking up excuses to come back.

Finally, a place to get some much needed hair-apy.

Salon Bruno de Paris, 1188 Bishop St., Honolulu. 808.781.9023,