Trash Talking

You’re trying to be more eco-aware. You’ve got a very cool reusable grocery bag, and you’re eating organic.

But those bottles and cans and newspapers? Admit it: you have better things to do on weekends than stand in line at the HI-5 redemption center.

And who knows when the city’s curbside recycling pilot will make it to your neighborhood – it could be years.

The truth? Recycling is still inconvenient.

So sign up for curbside pickup of your plastic, paper and www.leichic.comaluminum from Oahu Community Recycling.

For $16 per month, they’ll give you two bins to sort your cans from your paper and come by twice a month to empty them. Some areas of Oahu aren’t on their regular pickup schedule, but if you want your neighborhood or building added, just rally 20 neighbors to sign up with you, and they can add a route to your street. The company can also help recycle old computers and other items.

Which means your excuses are now, officially, garbage. 

For more information or to sign up for service, visit or call 262-2724.