Tote Couture

Lei ChicTonight on The Hermesing Race: There’s nowhere to hide as the competition goes hell for leather in harsh weather.

Team 1: The All Americans – Kate Spade and Marc Jacobs hit the road first but soon hit a colorblock.

Team 2: The Classics – Coach and Dooney and Burke are solid until the pouring rain proves too much to handle.

Team 3: The Material Girls – Massive mud puddles start unraveling Burberry and Fendi’s pattern of success.

Facing ruin, it looks like most of the teams will be forced to bag it.

Lei ChicThen a newcomer surges forward birkining all the rules. The structured bag looks like ten thousand bucks but is done in sturdy nylon fabric, lined in canvas, and finished off with cell phone and zippered pockets for a look that can go a style a minute.
It’s armed with a strong partner – prints that mimick everything from the classic ostrich to snakeskin and even studded metal, as well as the signature lock and tag.

Add to that versatility (it comes in three sizes from handbag to tote) and with a price of about fifty dollars, it’s even running under budget.

It looks like we may have a winner.
Lei Chic
And you can tote me on that.

Nylon “birkin” look alike bags are priced between $49 and $75 at MisFortune at Ward Centre.  Call 808.593.7886 for more information.