Top Trends Right Now in Local Luxury Home Design

Philpotts Interiors talks about what those that can, want.
Luxury home
Photos: Matthew Millman Photography


Ginger Lunt, a nine-year veteran of Philpotts Interiors, recently spoke to us about trends in high-end Hawai‘i design. It’s part local nostalgia, part desire to connect to nature and part warm tones mixed with modern style.


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Those building their custom dream homes, like this beautiful Kuki‘o home designed by Walker Warner Architects, incorporate the interior design team from the very start. The architect company is based in San Francisco, but the Warner half of the design team is from the Big Island, and it shows.


Luxury homes


At this level, owners are thinking legacy, long term—they aren’t building to sell, they’re building with their grandchildren in mind. They want durable and lasting materials, but with a handcrafted feeling. Lunt sees lots of concrete floors, and even concrete walls that are stained to earthy tones that pull the outside in. To achieve both handcrafted and durable, they created a resin pūne‘e that appears to be rattan.


Clean lines are a must—creating a modern feel warmed up with brown and silvered woods, no red woods, lots of slotted woods, wood veneers on walls and ipe decking.


What else? A memory maker. In this house, it’s the big red barn doors. Lunt pulled up an image and I knew exactly where the home was before she said a word—it’s the barn house overlooking Pu‘u Ku‘ili.


Luxury Home


While we can’t all build our dream home, we can incorporate the outdoors, pops of color and handcrafted materials to our living spaces to make us feel like we’re there.