Tooling Around
You want to be surrounded by beautiful things, but it can be hard to find a balance of form and function in the aisles of your local hardware store.

Besides, features like sweat-proof rubber handles don’t really hold sway with you. And the last time you remodeled your home, you needed a hammer to hang a few new prints in your bedroom, not build an addition off the kitchen.

So leave the boring hardware goods to the utilitarians. SoHa Living, the Kahala boutique that specializes in elegant home accessories, is offering up a brand new line of fun, floral-print www.leichic.comtools that will reflect your impeccable fashion sense, even on days when you’re just digging in the dirt.

The chic little collection features tools priced from $7 to $14.80, including a hammer, screwdriver and utility knife, as well as pruning shears, a hand rake and a small shovel for cultivating your own bit of floral beauty.

And while the fashion-forward tools come in a variety of colors, their stylish form does not neglect function. The handle of the stainless steel hammer, for example, contains a set of nesting screwdrivers, the tiniest one perfect for mending a pair of sunglasses.

Making them anything but garden variety.

SoHa Living, Kahala Mall, 4211 Waialae Ave., Honolulu, 808.591.9777.