Tool Academy

Lei Chic
You typically try to steer clear of tools. Not just the clueless and cocky Mr. Awesome types, but actual tools—hammers, wrenches, pliers—too. A screwdriver is a cocktail, right?

Not so fast. It may be time to switch gears—there’s jewelry involved. This First Friday, designer Roberta Oaks Power proves she’s got more under her fashion hood than fun, flirty dresses.

It all started when Power bought a vintage car, a ’69 Plymouth Valiant, named it Charlie and started customizing it. The garage soon made its Lei Chicway into her design studio, and she created a new collection of “glam junk” jewelry called Gurlz w/Toolz.

The one-of-a-kind necklaces, cuffs, pendants and more are made with vintage car emblems and repurposed chains mixed with bits of bling and pearl. On Friday, Power unveils the new line at her Chinatown shop to the sounds of DJ Silvana and freshly cracked cans of beer served in coozies.

Looks like you're not too cool for tools after all.

Roberta Oaks Power’s new Gurls w/Toolz collection is available beginning this Thursday and First Friday at Roberta Oaks Hawaii, 19 North Pauahi St., Chinatown. For more info, call 808.428.1214 or visit