Told You Sew

Found during last weekend’s dig through your closet looking for something fresh and exciting to wear:

Your (formerly) favorite dress with the broken zipper.
The blouse that goes with everything, but is missing two buttons.
Those black pants that fit perfectly, except for the ripped hem.

An entire swatch of your wardrobe is united by one common thread − the need to be repaired or altered.

 But trips to the tailor, especially for minor fixes like replacing buttons or restitching hems, can leave your wallet looking threadbare.

So, learn to do your own nips and tucks at Izumi Arts sewing classes, taught by former children’s clothing designer Yvonne Chun Izumi. You’ll learn everything from basic repairs and tailoring, to sewing your own pillows and bags, to customizing patterns to make your own one-of-a-kind designs.

Some of Izumi’s students have even gone on to develop their own personal fashion lines or sew their own special occasion dresses.

Maybe it’s time to let out your inner alter ego.

Izumi Arts, 1144 10th Avenue (above Kaimuki Dry Goods), Kaimuki. For more info, call 808.734.2610.