Toast Stories

Lei ChicIt’s always tricky trying to figure out how many treats will get you through the 31st.

Last year, you had to bag it early – turning off the lights and pretending not to be home when you ran out. This year, you upped the candy and are stuck with pounds of leftovers.

We asked Duke Waikiki bartenders and authors of The Cocktail Handbook Amie Fujiwara and Jesse Greenleaf to help you raise the bars with some custom-created candy cocktails.

Lei Chic The Smart Smart with Dum Dum lollipops

3-4 crushed lollipops of any flavor
2 ½ oz. flavored vodka (citrus, orange, grape, or cherry work the best)
Either 5-6 grapes
OR: 2-3 strawberries
OR: 2 oz. watermelon puree
2 oz. soda water (or substitute 7Up for a sweeter cocktail)
1 Tbsp. Hot water

Pour ¼ of the crushed Dum-Dums into a 6-8 oz. glass. In a mixing tin, combine the rest of the candy with hot water until melted. Add fruit and muddle until the fruit is well juiced. Add vodka and ice, shake, then pour into the glass over the crushed candy. Finish it off with the soda water or 7Up .
For fun: Rim the glass with pixie stix powder or nerds for an extra punch.

Lei Chic Coconut Revelation with Almond Joy

2 fun-sized Almond Joy
1 oz. Bailey’s Irish Cream
1 oz. Kahlua
½ oz. Malibu Rum
3 oz. ice milk or ice cream
½ fresh banana

Blend all the ingredients with ice until you reach a milkshake-like consistency (make sure the almonds are fully blended too).
For fun: Rim the glass with shredded toasted coconut.