Tiny Baubles


You’ve never been an early person—you know, the kind who gets up at five to exercise before work and makes vacation plans a year in advance. But all that rushing around has also made you mistress of the last-minute style solution.

That’s why you know it’s not too late to decorate the tree you only recently bought, and with ornaments so original no one will remember that your living room was bare for most of December.

All it takes is a quick afternoon trip to Haleiwa’s North Shore Glass, an open-air studio where you can watch husband and wife artists www.leichic.comTracy and Denise Jacob craft their beautiful hand-blown glass ornament balls.

Designed to recall the Islands’ misty rainbows, sandy shores and crystalline seas, each ball is an original creation of the Jacobs’ combined imaginations. Windy blue and green patterns evoke ocean waves, dreamy canary yellow shines like the sun, while others suggest landscape or sky—available individually or in splurge sets of four, six, or 12.

Come January, just pluck the balls from tree and arrange in a calabash bowl for a unique year-round decoration. This way it’ll look like you planned ahead without having to give up your beauty rest.

North Shore Glass in the North Shore Marketplace, Kamehameha Hwy, Haleiwa; 808.637.4853. Also available at www.northshoreglass.com