Tikishiki’s Artsy, Origami-Inspired Bags

East meets best with this boho babes.


This weekend was all party party party. Friday night pau hana bar hopping was totes fun—even though you had to schlep along your work satchel. You had a way clutch night at the club on Saturday, with sparkly handheld pocketbook in tow. But, after hearing about the unbelievably amazing swag bags at the Oscars on Sunday, you’re feeling like a real purse loser. Time to trade up.


Go for the gold with a fresh new number from Kaua‘i Tikishiki Handbags. These cosmopolitan carry-alls are made with vintage Hawaiian textiles, high-quality European leather straps and sturdy hardware, so you can rest easy about that heavy lifting you do on a day-to-day basis. But, what really sets them apart? Designer Jennifer Todice got the bright idea for a bag brand after a trip to Japan left her totally inspired by the Japanese art of furoshiki, a cloth-wrapping practice that dates back hundreds of years. The result is a relaxed, boho silhouette that has a totally modern, hip, slouchy feel ideal for an everyday carry, with an intriguing origami aesthetic that will resonate with the artist within you.


And, can we talk about those prints? Todice should get an award for sourcing the sunniest, most vibrant tropical prints, from classic aloha-inspired florals to psychedelic swirls to raspberry-colored ikat. Todice’s eye for style keeps her constantly in and out of thrift shops, seeking out the best and chicest from every style of fabric: Think retro bark cloth, earthy colored chevrons and Asian geometrics—all in a roomy, handy size.


Now, that’s way more useful than a tiny gold dude.


Prices available upon request. Email jenn@tikishiki.com or visit tikishiki.com for more information.