Tiffany Chou’s New Urban Lū‘au Collection

Tropical goes to town in this set of pretty jewelry pieces.


Bike lanes over hour-long commutes.
Cosmopolitan shopping over tiny general stores.
The rush of the rat race over bucolic boredom.

When it comes to town and country, you’re a city slicker all the way—especially when fulfilling your civic duty to look cute. Go to town with the new Urban Lū'au collection by Tiffany Chou, the perfect set of baubles for citizens of the Big Pineapple looking for a little urban play in their accessories.
Think sleek, minimal details on delicate chains with sterling-silver and gold-plated elements. You’ll love the versatility of basic must-haves, such as the bar balance pendant and ball-and-chain earrings, perfect for layering with the tropical-inspired pieces from the collection: a banana-leaf cuff or a sharp-looking necklace lined with gold-plated shark’s teeth and jet-black crystals. And you’ll love the subtle nod to your Hawaiian 'hood in the simple wave ear cuff or gold-plated puka shell necklace.

But why should you have all the fun? Grab a new look for your real metropolitan must-have: your phone, of course. The kaleidoscopic Urban Lū'au banana-leaf pattern on an impact-resistant, slim case will protect your iPhone when you’re hitting the pavement. It’s the perfect mix of Island and cutting-edge concrete jungle to give you some real street cred.

Just call yourself Leilani from the Block.



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