Three Ways to Approach the Holidays with Meaning and Mindfulness

(Sponsored) The holidays are here again. For many of us it’s a time of joy, stress, family, spending, and opportunity. That’s right, opportunity. This is a time for you to reimagine what the holidays are and to capture meaning, joy, and connection with both hands.



Photo: Courtesy of Aloha United Way.



Time is precious. It is the single most precious gift that any of us have to give. It benefits the volunteer as much as the recipient. Instead of shopping on a Saturday afternoon, consider volunteering instead. We’ve never met a single person who said, “I regret volunteering”.


I volunteered to read at a retirement home a few times for my grandpa. I kept going after he passed away and it was an experience I’ll never forget – everyone was so excited to see me when I arrived. It was great.

                       -Volunteer memory, anonymous



The holidays are stressful. The pressure to create Instagram-worthy moments sap the joy from holiday tables as we strive for that perfect shot. Your list never ends. As connected as we are on social media, nothing compares with spending time together in real life. Get off the phone, grab a loved one, and spend time doing something meaningful together.



Instead of organizing another holiday party, put together an event to help those who need it most. Create a holiday party around volunteering, fulfilling a holiday wish list for those in need, or even starting a workplace giving campaign to raise funds for your favorite charity. With the inevitable hosting and attending events during the holiday season, it’s important to make that time mean something to you and to others when you have the opportunity. You and those you love will remember it more.



When “Lei” called and said she was ready to stop drinking after more than 20 years of abuse, she received help. She received help because someone just like you decided that a $20 donation was better spent as a contribution than as a baby Yoda backpack. Consider making a meaningful investment in your community through a gift that gives back.


Approach the holidays differently this year. Make plans to volunteer, connect, organize, and give — it makes a positive difference for you and your community. One act of service on your part can change tomorrow today.


For more information on how you can give back to the O‛ahu community, contact Aloha United Way.